Optimal results for pig farming

The Koudijs approach

Koudijs offers a range of pig feeds for young piglets, growers/fatteners and sows. The piglet feeds ensure high early growth and strong piglet development. The sow feed results in a better condition for the sows and more piglets per sow per year. The fatteners obtain a very efficient and sustainable growth in the finisher stage whith our fattener feeds. All feeds will bring you efficient farming operations and good revenues.

Quality pigfeed for profitable farming:

  • Based on extensive research and development
  • Worldwide knowledge translated into local solutions
  • Quality concentrates, optimized with more than 30 different ingredients
  • High quality ingredients, for optimal growth, feed intake and efficiency

Mixing instructions for pigs

Download our mixing instructions

Click here for mixing instructions KPC20/15.

Click here for mixing instructions KPLC20.

Click for the KPLC 50 mixing instructions.

Click for the KPGC 30/25/20 mixings instructions. 

Click for the KPSC 22,5/17,5/15 mixings instructions.