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Pigmeat is getting more and more popular. To produce the best quality pig meat for the lowest costs is a matter of efficiently. To get the best possible results depends on management decisions. Good quality feed, with good management and good breeds will ensure the best revenue out of your pigs and happy customers buying and consuming the meat. Koudijs developed a range of pig feed for piglets, sows and growers/fatteners. This matched feed range ensures a high early growth with your piglets due to strong piglet development, better condition for the sows and therefore more piglets per sow per year and a very efficient and sustainable growth in the finisher stage. All feeds will bring you a good revenue and less worries.

Quality pigfeed for profitable farming

  • Extensive research and development included
  • Worldwide knowledge translated in local solutions
  • Quality concentrates, optimized with more than 30 different ingredients
  • Better liveability through good vitality of the piglets
  • High quality ingredients and optimal growth efficiency results in tasty and healthy meat
  • Best technical results in feed conversion rate and better production per m2

Koudijs Pig assortment

Since pigfarming and expecially the management of the animals requires focus we developed two ranges of concentrates. We developed one concentrate to formulate all possible mixings for all groups of pigs. It requires sourcing quite a number of often poorly available and variable quality raw materials. To prevent the risk of malnutrition our customers challenged us to provide a mixing based on the most common available raw materials. Our add-maize and brand only products work well for the farmer. Click here for the Koudijs Add Maize only leaflet. 

  • (969081) Koudijs Pig Concentrate (KPC 20/15) Click here for mixing instructions KPC20/15.
  • (969180) Koudijs Romelko creep feed.
  • (960010) Koudijs Piglet Creep feed (KPLC20) Click here for mixing instructions KPLC20

Our new Add maize assortment:

  • (960840) Koudijs Piglet Creep feed add maize only concentrate KPLC 50: Click here for mixing instructions KPLC 50
  • (960823) Koudijs Pig Grower Concentrate (KPGC 30/25/20) Click here for mixing instructions KPGC 30/25/20 
  • (960824) Koudijs Sow Concentrate (KPSC 22,5/17,5/15) ) Click here for mixing instructions KPSC 22,5/17,5/15 

KPLC 50 Creep Feed Concentrate 

Creep feed saves the condition of the sow which enables her to have more piglets per year. KPLC50 Creep feed concentrate stimulates the intestinal development of the piglets, ensuring vital growth and a good start before and after weaning!  With this easy to mix concentrate you serve the sow and the piglet. A better start for the piglet in the most crucial time of life and support for the sow in times of negative energy balance. Ask our experts for usage instructions. The creep feed is not fed to the sow, only to the piglets. By more feed intake of the piglets, the required milk reduces for the sow and the energy requirement is more balanced.

Together for better results

Profitable pig farming depends on more than just high-quality feeds. The management is very important. If you have any questions or want further guidance on management, please don't hesitate to contact our Experts. 

Want to know more?

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