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Our 4 Principal Elements

Our ambition is to be a leading supplier of nutritional products for animals and to support our customers in their production of meat, milk, eggs and fish. We help our customers to achieve efficiency and technological progress through in-depth knowledge of animal nutrition, farm management and animal science. We are eager to boost our customers’ knowledge regarding husbandry, nutrition, production and farming systems, with all the latest insights and developments.



Koudijs is, with parent company De Heus, one of the largest feed producers worldwide (supplying concentrates, premixes, specialty- and compound feed). We seek the best quality in our products and advice, since quality is vital to optimising our customers’ performance.

Furthermore, as animal feed is the starting point for (human) food, feed quality is essential to producing safe and healthy animal protein. That is why only the very best quality is good enough for Koudijs.


Koudijs is committed to helping its customers achieve optimal end results. We take our role at the farm very seriously and won’t hesitate to get knee-deep in the mud when necessary.

In our view, quality feed also means specific feed for individual circumstances. Every farmer requires and is entitled to a customised solution. Koudijs is able and eager to offer advice at the level of the individual farmer. We like to be as flexible as possible in all ways and to serve our customers on any scale. We deliver solutions (compound/concentrates and premixes) that are perfectly tailored to the individual (farm) situation.


We don’t innovate for the sake of innovation; we offer innovation that fulfils our customers’ needs and suits their nutritional and farm goals. We are true experts in animal nutrition and keep improving our knowledge by always striving for perfection, enabling our customers to realise the full potential of their livestock. We listen to our customers and develop ideas accordingly, but we also pro-actively propose new ideas which we believe will help them move forward.


Koudijs believes in working together and sharing knowledge with our customers. That means remaining connected with our customers throughout the entire customer process – being interactive, listening to their needs and acting upon that. It also means being connected to society and the community – understanding what is happening in the world around us and also acting upon that.

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