Great solutions to feed your fish and shrimp

Get the most out of your fish and shrimp

Aquaculture continues to grow fast, underpinned by a highly effective feed to fish protein conversion. Your fish and shrimp are grown in conditions where accurately composed and administered feeds are key to your success. Each farm is influenced by its own set-up, requiring the right feeds to match the chosen culture strategy. Koudijs understands these nutritional demands and provides aquafeed solutions specific to the different species, culture methods and environmental conditions.

Delivering the best quality fish feed that lead to high efficencies.

We study nutritional requirements based on physiological and anatomical build of different aquaculture species. We translate these requirements to nutrient availability from raw materials, which are tested for digestibility and nutrient content in our own R&D facilities. This way our feeds are formulated on nutrient availability, reflecting the requirements for optimal performance. Discussions with farmers all over the world help us to steer our development projects and contribute to the improved performance of our products adapted to your needs.

Converting in depth market knowledge into new solutions

Our in-depth knowledge on raw materials and markets, gained from in house analysis and from discussions with local producers helps us to test and create new aqua feed solutions that we validate in our own R&D facilities. Sharing these results contribute to the improved performance of your farm with products and advice adapted to your specific species, water conditions and farming methods.