New packaging for koudijs 50kg broiler and layer bags

30 March 2021
2 minutes

Improving our nutritional quality is our daily job. As you know, we work on improving the quality of our animal feeds on a daily basis, but now we have also improved our packaging.

The very highest nutritional requirements

To be able to ensure poultry farmers of the best possible results now and in the future, we like to seize every opportunity to further improve our products. We therefore constantly work on improving the very highest nutritional and safety requirements of our poultry feeds.

New premium packaging

This time, we also devoted serious efforts to improving our packaging. Indeed, a top-quality poultry concentrate deserves premium packaging. Every concentrate type has a label in the familiar color: the same color as the current stripe on the bag. The result is well worth the effort: sturdy new 50-kg bags with a modern and recognisable design. And a clear distinction for each poultry and concentrate type. Effective from June 2021, our trusted Koudijs poultry concentrate will be available in this new packaging.