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As an aquaculture farmer, you focus on achieving the best technical and economic results. The key to this is a combination of optimal feed programmes with hands-on support on your farm. Koudijs Animal Nutrition has the knowledge and experience to support you. In your daily business, you want your farm to perform well. Optimising your farm management and water quality in combination with feed are key to achieving good technical results. Koudijs takes all these aspects into account to offer you the best feed solutions and on-farm support. 


All feeds produced by Koudijs Animal Nutrition are designed following extensive research and development programmes at our own R&D Centres. As such we ensure that they meet the requirements of the target species and that the feed performance meets customer demands. All raw materials are carefully selected to ensure maximum nutritional value in the feeds during the complete rearing cycle of your fish or shrimps.


Koudijs prides itself in working together with our customers, providing services and striving to meet their demands. As such, selected technologies are available in the form of extruded feeds that float or sink with improved nutrient digestibility and high water stability. This results in a high feed efficiency and reduced risk of deteriorating water quality.


Koudijs has a complete feed assortment specifically designed for Talapia.  The assortment is carefully formulated and manufactured around crucial Starter Feeds for your fry and fingerlings, Grower Feeds to optimise the performance of the species you are growing and Broodstock feeds to ensure high quality larvae and fry.


Our unique approach aims to help farmers in all aspects of farm management and to optimise the health, production and feed conversion of their animals as well as the earnings of our customers. By collecting, translating, sharing and applying knowledge and experience obtained worldwide on a daily basis, we can provide tailored nutritional strategies, products and services wherever we operate. Our global specialists travel the world aiming to improve all aspects of farm management by developing and training our local teams as well as farmers. Curious what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us!