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Exellent revenue, based on feed efficiency and meat quality is what you get using Koudijs Broiler Concentrates. Our concentrates fit perfectly together with the available raw materials. Koudijs Animal Nutrition developed a customized concentrate and mixing to achieve the best possible results. Our progressive and effective feed-vision enables us to cooperate successfully with broiler farmers worldwide!

Why Koudijs concentrates for my Broilers:

  • Extensive research and development included
  • Quality concentrates, optimized with more than 30 different ingredients
  • Better liveability through good vitality of the birds
  • High-quality ingredients and optimal growth efficiency results in tastier and healthier meat
  • Best technical results in feed conversion rate and better production per m2
  • Focus on meat production. More meat per kg of feed

Koudijs Broiler Assortment

Koudijs developed two ranges of mixing instructions for her concentrates which are updated regularly based on the most prices and analyzed quality of the available raw materials. When you want to focus on high revenue and optimal production you select the optimal mixing instruction. When you think the complete feed price is more important you select the economical mixing instruction.

To know more about our Broiler solutions, please download one of the following documents.


Mixings instructions:


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