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Koudijs Animal Nutrition is a leading producer and exporter of a complete program of feed, concentrates and premixes on a worldwide scale. Our concentrates, milkreplacers and premixes fit perfectly together with locally available raw materials. Koudijs Animal Nutrition develops customized the premix to the Tanzanian requirements!


  • Focus on animal requirements: Milk consists of fat, protein and sugars and minerals. To be able to get the best optimal production it is necessary to match the nutritional requirements of the cows
  • Quality products: Our experience worldwide with dairy learned us that quality secures a predictable result! Our products are a result of a HACCP, ISO certified process.
  • Balanced; Our dairy products stimulate production by feeding on requirement! No surplus and no lack of minerals but a balanced diet!
  • Focus on health and reproduction: More milk per kg of feed. A better fertility, less health problems due to an optimized diet! Less worries
  • Healthy dairy cows providing tasty milk, will not only provide revenue but also less worries for you as a farmer!


Dairy meal is an additional feed beside roughage. Fresh roughage should be available all day (a cow eats up to 13 kg dry matter of roughage per day). The nutritional requirements depend on the genetic potential, the lactation phase and the available nutrients from the roughage.


A nutritious balanced meal, with sufficient energy and protein to prevent the negative energy balance! Support for the liver and the rumen to produce more milk with less problems!


This dairy meal is made to support the production also in the late lactation!


A well-developed calf is the base for a good and efficient milk production! Start the rearing with the milk replacer East Africa!


During the lactation the nutritional requirements depend on feed-intake and production! In the early lactation we stimulate production and reduce the negative energy balance which stimulates fertility as well. The base for production is always the rumen! The rumen of the cow needs roughage! Make sure there is always enough fresh roughage available. Enough fibre’s through roughage brings health, and production! The quality of the roughage determines a major part of the results! Provide the Koudijs compound dairy meal according to the schedule below. Slowly build up the amount! Always check the digestion by the colour and fibres in the manure!


If you have questions about our feed for dairy cows, feel free to contact us!