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Dual purpose chickens

Traditional poultry (often referred as indigenous poultry) are chickens that are healthy, easy to raise, and bred to thrive in the African climate. Dual purpose chickens can be raised for both egg production and for meat. Consumers like the unique color, taste, and size compared with broiler and layer breeds meant for industrial farming and have a higher price.

The efficiency of the indigenous poultry is different from a layer or broiler chicken. Koudijs therefore developed a special mixing for the indigenous breeds. In this way you benefit from the increased efficiency of better nutrition as well as the advantages of using the indigenous breeds. Using our mixings for Indigenous breeds will provide the following advantages:

  • Better growth
  • More eggs per bird
  • Better vitality (lower mortality)
  • Better growth and less feed per finished bird
  • More revenue per bird (less feed and better taste)

Do you also want to use the advantage of both the advanced feed for your dual purpose poultry?

Please download our mixing instructions for indigenous poultry here: 

Egg production
Meat production