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Layers produce more eggs when they are fed well. Not only the production, but also the taste of the egg is influenced by feed. But feed is not the only influencer on production. Good feed combined with good management will assure a good production. Koudijs developed a range of layer feed which ensures a high-quality, tasty egg with a nice orange-colored yolk. Together with our managementsupport we are getting the best out of your layers with the best possible revenue! Our rearing feed supports the best possible development of your pullets, and our layer feed range supports a sustainable production giving you revenue and fewer worries!


  • Extensive research and development included.
  • Our feed solutions provides what the bird needs to develop into a high performing layer!
  • Quality concentrates, optimized with more than 30 different ingredients.
  • Consistent performance for a persistent laying period.
  • The eggs are of better quality with better taste, so there will be more focus on the demand for your eggs.
  • More eggs per hen housed, with lower feed used per egg.

Based on the analysis of the available raw materials, we formulated custom concentrates. By analyzing the quality and their prices we are able to provide the best and most viable mixings for each stage of your layer. The mixings are regularly updated based on price and market developments. These mixtures meet the requirements of the birds for high performance. Depending on the available raw materials you can select several inclusion rates. Ask your sales representative which concentrate will suit your situation.


Koudijs developed two ranges of mixing instructions for her concentrates which are updated regularly based on the most prices and analyzed quality of the available raw materials. When you want to focus on high revenue and optimal production you select the optimal mixing instruction. When you think the complete feed price is more important you select the economical mixing instruction.

To know more about our Layer solutions, please download one of the following documents.


Mixing instructions:

Koudijs Rearing Assortment

Rearing lays the foundation for future laying production. This is the period when the body capacity is formed and development of the muscles and reserves will ensure that the pullet will turn into a profitable layer. During the rearing a good start is essential. 

To know more about our Rearing solutions, please download one of the following documents.


  • 969574 Koudijs Prestarter Feed: For more information click here
Mixing instructions:


Profitable layers depend on more than just high-quality feeds. The management is very important. Not only during the laying period, but especially during the rearing! Our layer feed is formulated to follow the requirements of the birds to be able to have a high production and sustain the production at a high level. Feed performance is also management, for our management guide click here! 


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